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City Tour .


The objective of this tour around the city is for clients to get to know Cuba and become familiar with the lifestyle, cultures and manners of the interesting places most visited by travelers. Our offers:

1- City tours to old Havana visit interesting places.

Old Havana is the most antique area of Havana city ,his ensemble have an outline burn similar a lenticular lens  with a surface of 5 km2, there  have a  mix of different  architectonicses ,cultures  and the testimony of different times such as Spain, British ,France  and American people. On 1982 old Havana was declared a birthright or patrimony of the world by UNESCO. 

2- Visit the most relevant Museums. 

  • The Revolutions museum.
  • Capitan’s Generals museum.
  • The Arms museum.
  • The Templete museum.
  •  The National Museum of Arts.
  •  The Rum museum.

3- City tours to the central part of Havana (Vedado townships) visit interesting places. 

Vedado is a vicinity from Havana it possible achieve luster was on the first one half of a XIX century; it was named like that because these area was prohibited as a property of Pozos Dulces Count; on 1950 vedado has had a big boom because big national and foreign companies began to raised high buildings, 20 and 30 floors.

4- Follow Ernest Hemingway history. 

Ernest Miller Hemingway (Oak Park, July 21 ; 1899Ketchum, Idaho, July 2 ; 1961)  was a writer and a journalist from USA, and one of the most important ,famous ,relevant  novelist and narrators of XX century. He earned Pulitzer Prize on 1953 (El viejo y el mar) and the next year earned a Nobel Prize of Literature.

 5- Montebarreto tours in the ecological park.

The Montebarreto park of Havana is a green zone from Havana city, it is located between Playa municipality and Plaza that’s why his location puts it in an area for passage between the center of the city ( Vedado)and the residential suburbs(Miramar). Almost 20 000 people live there at vicinity like Querejeta and Buenavista that why his neighbors have a special labor to attendance and maintenance.

6- Scuba diving and fishing expedition. 

Visiting ours barrier for coral, make video, photos and be involve with the Cubans different prevailing species marine, host by  Scuba Diving Center from Copacabana hotel , we have an excellent equipment’s and a well training guides with experience on these activities. Fishing and have an amazing journey around northerly seashore of Cuba, then you can eat sea foods preparing by Abdel chef, host by Hemingway and Tarara Marine.

7- Follow the tobacco rute Viñales. 

Viñales Valley its locate at Pinar del Rio Province at the west area from Cuba, it have an extension of 741 km2, the valley have a distinctive geography it have a typical mountain arrays it call MOGOTES; there are 17 endemics botanies species that they doesn’t find at any countries only in Cuba that why on December of 1999 the valley received the conditions of National Monument and Unesco allowed it the category of the  Cultural scene of the world.

8- Enjoying Tropical Littorals­. 

Visit a wonderful  beaches at Havana city such as: La Puntilla local beach at Sta fe village and Club Havana  a amazing club it’s have beach, pool ,gym, cafeteria ,restaurant ,habano house ,disco and Wi-Fi zone as well you can visit too  Tropicoco, Sta Maria del Mar, Megano and Guanabo the east beaches of Havana.

9- Matanzas and Varadero beach tours. 

Yumuri Valley: is a native scene from Cuba, locate at Matanzas province, it have an extension of 9666 hectares, the Cuban typical vegetation’s and fauna abounds at the valley. The name of the valley is owed for a Indian princess who came down from one of the valley hill until the deep of the sea and went she descent shouted  Yu…murí!,that why she immortalized the valley and river  with that’s name .

Varadero beach village:

It is located at the Hicacos peninsula from Matanzas province too, 130 km at the east to Havana, Punta de Hicacos to the north is the closer point from EUA.

Varadero have an extension of 30km, 22km is from beaches they have a characteristics arena fringe, its white and fine and have a soft descent of his platform to the sea that’s why it call VARADERO, 26 680 peoples live there, tourism is the principal economics line from the village.

Varadero has have too a dolphins aquarium and Josone park.

10- Nocturnal activities (cabarets, Cubans music’s dance places):

  • Tropicana cabarets.
  • Parisien cabarets.
  • Music house from Miramar.
  • 1830 Open Dance Plaza.
  • Cuban Art Factory.

If you wish to reserve any of these services please write to the mail to request the route of your preference.

We will require a prior payment for the reservation, we work on the basis of respect, our local experts at all times will provide the best experience in Cuba.


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