Casa Blanca.

March 4, 2018
Casa Blanca Terminal - Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca


In 1762, the year of the siege and the taking of Havana by the English, there was already the hamlet of this name. For many years before the real estate had a warehouse there to deposit the objects that did not fit in the warehouses of Havana. After 1763, cabotage navigators and ribera carpenters were settled there for the repairs of merchant ships, and several workshops were established, in addition to the one created for the plaza’s maestranza.

A fire reduced everything to ashes in the year 1785. In 1792, once the farmhouse had grown again, the riverbank master José Tiscornia built a dock and a careenage for smaller ships; example that, followed by other masters, resulted in the whole western part of its maritime coast being covered with hardwood planks over piles.

In 1846 it had 894 inhabitants and counted on 120 houses between masonry, wood, and mud and guano. In 1858 it had reached 1,061 people its population.

Some authors prefer to write Casablanca, instead of the Casa Blanca, like us before this revision of 2005. Really in Havana it is pronounced like Casablanca, however, the texts assign it Casa Blanca.

Walking tour:

I have lived in Casa Blanca since I was born and it inspires me to tell the story behind this small town stopped in time.

I always had the fondness to make known Casa Blanca, since travelers in Havana only visit the historic center, with so much true and fascinating history just on the other side of La Bahía de La Habana.

The route that will start from the launch in Old Havana, you will enjoy a walk through the town ending in the Cristo de La Habana.

Ferry Casa Blanca: It is a small boat to cross the bay of Havana and get to Casa Blanca, one of the ways to get to the town, the most used by locals.

Tour through the town: you will know the colonial architecture that still prevails, like a ghost town, stopped in time.

Casa del Che Cultural Center in La Cabaña:
It was the first house that Che occupied in 1959 when Fidel ordered him to advance from Santa Clara and occupy this territory of Havana, which is La Cabaña.

The Christ.

Meeting point: Floating docks, Avenida del Puerto.

The payment for the transport of the boat and the entrance to the house of the Ché are not included in the price.

walking tour, get to know Casa Blanca.

Price per person
$ 25 CUC.
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Casa Blanca
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