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March 4, 2018
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Confessions of a Castaway


Extraño Corazón, as I’m sure many of you remember, was one of those bands that put to burst the Cuban theaters with their inciting mixture of rock and roll, pop and country flavored taverns, to escapes in the lonely wagon of a train and to travel like backpackers that provoked you an enormous desire to live, although sometimes also in their lyrics the nostalgia rears its head like a lone wolf.

When many thought that the lineup was only a fringe in the memory of the history of Cuban rock, Strange Heart attacked recently with a disc that is placed like one of the best ones of its repertoire. Confessions of a Castaway, the title of the album of the troop of Javier Rodríguez, brings ten songs that show a band that, against all odds, is far from throwing in the towel. The album, could not be otherwise when we talk about the indefatigable Javier Rodríguez, begins with a statement of principles.

«Blessed nights of rebellion, blessed sex and rock and roll, bless her all my generation»

The band says to remember that time has passed, but they are still the same.

Extraño Corazón has not been burned at a slow fire in the bonfire of the vanities. Songs like Silvia (Miguel de Oca), Gypsy Wind (Roberto Fajardo and Iván Leiva), and La Pipa de la Paz (Javier Rodríguez), are other of the richest, most accomplished and beautiful of Confessions of a Castaway.

The album also has among its gains Javier’s ability to tell us a story in each song. It maintains a line of continuity in each topic that, after listening to the complete disc, provokes that sensation of those who have undertaken a journey in search of that spiritual renewal that, as you know, everyone in life needs sometime.

For Estraño Corazón and the release of his most recent album Confessions of a Castaway in the past 2017 was a successful return and since then he has not stopped captivating us with his music suitable for all kinds of audiences, even the youngest love his music.

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With much respect to our friend Javier Rodríguez

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