Trinidad en Cuba - Trinidad
Ideal destination for a trip to Cuba



December 8, 2017
Trinidad en Cuba - Trinidad

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Trinidad: ideal destination for a trip to Cuba


Trinidad has to walk slowly to catch at every moment that unequaled feeling of being in a place stopped in time, and admire its heritage values ​​that have 503 years, in a wonderful Historic Center consisting of 50 blocks and more than two thousand buildings. It was in December 1513 that the Spanish conquistador Diego Velázquez arrived in the area and sent to explore that territory with an indigenous population formed by Arawaks who lived in the Guamuhaya chiefdom and on February 10 the Villa de la Santisima Trinidad was founded, although other chroniclers affirm that it was 4 January.

Experts in architectural conservation indicate that Trinidad is the city of Cuba that has best preserved its original seal, which is why it has received the status of Cultural Heritage of Humanity conferred by UNESCO in 1988, together with the nearby Valle de los Ingenios, located a few kilometers east. The attractions of Trinidad are very varied, so it is not surprising that in high tourist season (November-April) 10 thousand visitors arrive to that city.

Among its many attractions, include the Plaza Mayor de Trinidad with its white railings that look like lace, the Old Stonemason’s Palace, now the Museum of Municipal History, the Brunet Palace, which houses the Romantic Museum, where furniture, tableware and objects of art are preserved. Great value; as well as the Museum of colonial architecture, located next to the Plaza Mayor.

The nights in Trinidad have a romantic and calm nuance, but can become rhythmic and boisterous in the Casa de la Trova, in the Disco at the bottom of the Ayala cave, an exotic place, in the Palenque de los Congos Reales, or in the House of Music of the EGREM.

Trinidad has in the Valle de los Ingenios one of its hallmarks with more than 70 high-value archaeological sites. The Iznaga Tower (1816) reaches a height of 45 meters shared on seven levels or floors, and from there the bells of the slaves were announced to the cane fields. The sea is another attraction of Trinidad. At 15 kilometers from the city is Ancon beach, which exhibits one of the most beautiful dunes of Cuba and on the Trinitarian shore there are hotels with diversity in their architectural profiles such as Trinidad del Mar, Ancon and Costa Sur.


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