Cuban Culture.

May 24, 2017
Que hacer en la Habana Vieja - Cuban Culture

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Cuban Culture


Cuban culture is the result of the fusion of two essential roots, one from Spain and the other from Africa – both characterized by multiculturalism. It is an example of transculturation, because it is a process that for several centuries, by assimilation in some cases and rejection in others, the different ethnocultural components were shaping a Cuban cultural identity.

What is authentically Cuban is to a large extent, a combination of the popular Spanish and the cultural elements of the black population. For all these reasons, it is affirmed that Cuban culture has the best of Spanish culture and African culture.


Cuban music is similar to several Latin American musical styles, that is, with Mexico pra bajo, like salsa. The main Cuban musical style is the Son, influenced by the development of multiple musical styles of both the nineteenth and twentieth century.


As with much of Latin America, Spanish is the official language of Cuba. After the 1959 Revolution, the term “companion / companion” came to progressively replace the traditional words of “Mr. / Mrs.” as the universal title of court address for strangers.


In the environmental identity of the island its architecture stands out in a very special way, especially that which defines the historical spaces of the colonial cities. The Hispanic model, from the popular architecture of southern Spain, is an architecture with large windows and balconies, which made the house open and communicative.


Cuban rum is made from honey from the cane. The aging process is done naturally. The one with the most international prestige is Havana Club, founded in 1878 and which has several lines: Silver Dry, Year 3 years, Añejo 5 years, Añejo 7 years and Añejo Reserva. The favorite for its quality is the Añejo 7 years, which is taken to the rock or in strike.

The most typical cocktails are the mojito, a drink that the American writer Ernest Hemingway preferred to drink at La Bodeguita del Medio and nowadays it has almost become a myth to have a drink right there; the daiquirí that is taken in El Floridita and so much refreshes the tropical heat, the traditional Cubalibre and the Havana Special.

Public parties

The holidays in Cuba are:

  • January 1 – Triumph of the Revolution
  • May 1 – Workers’ Day
  • July 25, 26 and 27 – Days of National Rebellion (Anniversary of the assault on the Moncada Barracks).
  • October 10 – Beginning of the War of Independence (The day that Carlos Manuel de Céspedes freed his slaves, the first owner to do so).
  • 25th December, Christmas
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