Tropicana Cabaret.

May 25, 2017
tropicana 2 - Tropicana Cabaret

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Tropicana Cabaret: A paradise under the Stars



Nothing surpasses the dazzling spectacle of El Tropicana, inside a voluptuous tropical forest and dreamy frame, this cabaret is a legend in the history of musical shows and came to be called “The most attractive and sumptuous night club in the world”, the most famous of the continent.

Dazzling women dance to the rhythm of vigorous live music performed by the best Cuban orchestras, giving the visitor the feeling of being in an unreal world, of exotic splendor, surrounded by the moonlight in the lush garden, music hot and the enchantment of the Cuban night.

At the entrance of the cabaret, you can find a stylized dancer, “long as a temptation and fine as a desire, which making beautiful points seems to turn on a mirror of water”, as indicated by a publication of the time. artificial and placed in the year 1950.

For many years, it also operated as a Casino. After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959, the game was abolished and the installation passed into the hands of the Revolutionary Government. Later, Tropicana promoted a haute cuisine school in the restaurant of the same name.

Some thought that the end of the game was the end of Tropicana, but the magic of overflowing productions of glamor, sensuality and color, the presence of hundreds of artists on stage and the lush tropical forest that saw the cabaret born more than half century have ratified that “paradise under the stars” continues to be in Tropicana, a must and desired goal for tourists and visitors from all corners of the world.

Tropicana is Cuba, its night and its palms; it is “a hymn to love and life, it is song poetry …”


In Varadero, you can also enjoy varied nightclubs, shopping centers and restaurants with the best cuisine.

You can also enjoy the legendary “Tropicana” Varadero, to enjoy the show and the live orchestra offered by this cabaret.

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